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Law & Order NYPD Blue Fall 2003

Okay, toughie, as my description is scant: anyone recall the song used for some of NBC's Law & Order and ABC's NYPD Blue trailers last fall, 2003? As I recall, Law & Order may have started its season before NYPD Blue? and the song was used in each preceding its start so that the song was not playing for both at the same time. Neither show uses the song during opening credits nor has used it as soundtrack since to my knowledge (I'm not a watcher of Law & Order, though).

The song sounds _exactly_ like Jamiroquai--one of their quicker tempo, energetic, upbeat tunes--and has the partial lyric, as I recall, "come on, come on, come on," though the lyrics are not easily distinguishable. I've since listened to a few Jamiroquai tracks which I thought might be it, I've googled the lyrics (I may be confusing them) and I've searched adtunes.com, all to no avail. :(

Try "C'Mon, C'Mon" by the Von Bondies. According to some other threads it seems to be getting a lot of play to promote other shows on Bravo and HBO.
fitz- Thanks, that's not it. :(

The tempo of the fraction of the song which I heard is not that fast-paced and the synthesizer is perhaps the dominant instrument: if the band is not Jamiroquai then they are dead ringers for them, instrumentally and vocally.

It just occurred to me the music might have been a selection from some TV promo music? Not sure. If you have other suggestions, I'm all ears.
you said you may have confused the lyrics....can you recite any of them to us anyways? we might recognize them...you never know. did it have that sort of 70s vibe of jamiroquai or was it more modern and the singer just sounded like jay kay?

i think a while back the show was using seal's song 'waiting for you' but his voice is raspier than jamiroquai's...but you can give it a try too just in case! ;)

audio sample: track #4
Desperately seeking the name of the artist and song sung by a female in the NYPD Blues commercial (season promo) featured this past week in the Chicago market. Thank you for any leads.
That show still comes on?

Anyway, do you remember the lyrics?