Nutrigrain commercial

Oh my god that's my new favorite commercial! Are you in Canada? I can't imagine that they'd play that in the US.. but anyway, sorry don't know the music.
BTTT? Is that like "bumping" (which isn't allowed)?

You can read the Forum Rules to see more. :)

And, yeah I didn't have a clue on the music. But the ad was definitely interesting!
Bump to the top, my guess.
Did you contact the company through the website? Try emailing em..
Do you think Nutrigrain actually had anything to do with this ad? Seems more like the "fair use for parody" thinger, so that they wouldn't need to be involved at all. If it's actually a short film, as it seems, contacting turnpike might be your best bet. Finding if nothing else, a credit listing should be pretty easy from those guys, good folk.
I am pretty sure this song is "Streets of Calcutta" by Ananda Shankar. Might have been remixed or edited for the commercial though.