Number of Television Commercials?


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I am trying to find the (estimated) number of television and radio commercials produced worldwide. My research eventually connects with music licensing and I was hoping someone here might have an idea - or at least some suggestions on where to turn next. I've excavated the Internet via Google and, despite talking to many trade associations, can't seem to find this information anywhere. Thanks for the help!
Usually that kind of information will cost you. Consulting firms sell reports on every market segment. These can cost anywhere between $200 to $6000. You could try contacting them through your local university. They give the reports to educational institutions for free.

This being the media industry, you could get some info from the FCC.

If they don't have it, Nielsen would be my first bet. Or you could try Gartner or the big 5 consultants: Andersen, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Off the topic but along the same lines, how does one become a Nielsen family? Is it totally random or can I, you know, nudge fate a little? I watch wayyyy too much tv to not be puting it to good use.
How do I become a "Nielsen family"?

Nielsen Media Research cannot accept  volunteers for its ratings service. To be statistically accurate it is essential that our  sample be the result of random selection. Every household in the United States has an  equal chance of being selected, no matter where it is located. And, the random nature of  the sample ensures that people of all backgrounds and all ages can be included. If Nielsen  Media Research accepted volunteers, the composition of the sample might be affected. Our  clients – broadcast and cable television networks, local television stations and  cable systems, program producers and advertisers – use the information we provide to  help make decisions about which programs will be on the air. Our customers would not be  able to rely on the information to make appropriate decisions.

Since we do pick our sample on a random  basis, you do have a chance to become a Nielsen Media Research household. However, it can  only happen from our contacting you.

Sounds like it's just pure "luck" to get picked.
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