Nova Lost Roman Treasure


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Hi All,

Finding this website has been a godsend!

My stumper is a piece of music I heard earlier this week on PBS.

It is a NOVA show on a Roman villa with beautiful mosiacs that was excavated just prior to being flooded from the construction of a dam in Turkey.

They make a digital reconstruction of the villa, and during a flythrough towards the end of the show they play a orchestral piece. I have heard it before, either in movie trailers, or possibly during the olympics for athlete bio videos.

The name of the show is "Lost Roman Treasure". I emailed NOVA, and the response I received was "the only information we have is what's on the credits".

The names on the credits "link" are Benoit Urbain and Ray Loring. I have found some slight references to Loring on the web, but no luck on this piece of music.

PBS is still playing this episode, but I currently don't have any links to audio or video.

I have searched on this site to try to find anything that sounds right, but not luck yet.

Hopefully someone can help with this!

Well, it's been several months and all I have been able to find is additional references to Urbain and Loring, but only as songwriters for this episode.

Has anyone seen this show?