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I've been watching all the bowl games. Nokia have a "jimi hendrix / stevie ray vaughn" type tune playing. Wondering if anyone had any idea
im trying to figure this one out too. i agree, srv/hendrix was my first thought, but im not sure. it should get a lot of airplay during the nokia sugar bowl (just started at 7 CST) if someone wants to take a listen. theyve already played it once.
I really enjoy the song too...friends thought it was SRV also...

To my surprise...Nokia had replied to my question (asking for the name of the song)...AND the song is an original piece, owned by Nokia but created by Craig Snyder. His web site is Thanks Nokia for the reply and info!

To see the commercial again, visit, click on About Nokia from the blue banner, then Advertisements.
Who is the guitarist for the new NOKIA 6230 Commercial??? It sounds a lot like Jimi but I doubt I haven't heard this song of his in the past. Does anyone know who it is...I love it.
You can see the ads here.

This particular ad reminds me a lot of the Jeff Healey's song "Angel Eyes," audio sample track 5 -- but I'm pretty sure it's not exactly that song in the ad...
I know I have heard the song before (for Nokia 6230), only not just a guitar or whatever...the title is driving me NUTS!!! :blink:

Sad but true...this is an original piece of music ( as "Sophist" said. If it is, plagiarism doesn't seem to bother him, since I KNOW I have heard a part of that song before.
Not sure if it helps, But sound very similar to Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter".