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Who knows the rock music used in the new 265 mph nissan xterra? The commercial has things like weekday-weekend=X and other things that equal to X.
I'm looking for this one too. The other ones posted about Xterra commercial songs aren't it. Is this a new new commercial?
Okay. After looking at previous threads about Xterra ads and visiting the Nissan website, I'm pretty sure the song is "Stay As You Are" by Span.
I just saw a new, or fairly new Nissan Xterra comercial - that does have all that X= this and that X= that and this...

It's not the Span tune this has more of a new wave surfer dude rock sound with the lyrics (I Think) "wasting my time lord, not wasting my time..."

It electric - so not a Jack Johnson type wussy surfer folk wanker pop.

This is more of a dick dale goes punkish.....

I repeat - this is NOT The Span spot.,...

Any help?

Thanks guys!
Yes, I need to know about this NEW commercial too. "I'm wasting my time, lord, wasting my time" is what I caught. An "X" commercial. NOT SPAN. I really need to figure this one out!
Is the song you are looking for "Fall Behind Me" By The Donnas? That is a song in a more recent Xterra commercial.

It was a male voice.

"I'm wastin my time, lord, wastin my time"
Just did some Googling for ya ...

Could it be ...

Eagles of Death Metal - "Wastin' My Time" ???

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just didn't bother to Amazon anyone with "Death Metal" in their name haha!