Nissan Xterra "Revolution"


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Nissan Xterra "Revolution"

It's a really upbeat song and the only words said are "revolution" (I think that's what they are saying anyway)

I searched but to no avail.
Anyone know it?
No, it's definitely a NEW song. very upbeat. It's driving me crazy!
Is it the one with mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, and the lyrics are "stay as you are"
The song is 'Revolution Get Down' by THE BELLRAYS.

Available from iTunes.

View the commercial here (Gravity - Fear).
Actually, the information above is not correct. There are three (3) different commericals entitled: (1) Gravity - Fear; (2) Muscle - Feeling; and (3) Dirt + Guts.

The one with the "stay as you are" music is featured on the third commercial called "Dirt + Guts."

The name of the song is "Stay as You Are" by the group Span from either debut album entitled "Mass Destruction" (2004).

You can see the commercial and hear the at this link:,00.html#videos

BTW, the caption indicates that they are originally from Norway and play in that country and the UK. The caption also states that their debut album is only available in Norway.

Anyone know where I can find a copy? That music rocks!