Nissan Xterra 2005

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Great new tune I heard on a Nissan Xterra commerical - heard for first time 3/7/05. The lyrics to this hard driving rock tune "Stay where you are, and youwill not make a difference..." Might be "Stay AS you are..."

Found nothing via Google except an article in adweek stating thatit was music by local LA band.

Not The Vines "rock with me"

Nothing via search here...

Lots of sports type visuals during commercial - Kayaking, and other Xtreme type sporting revelry.

Please help - much thanks!
There seems to be two conflicting posts/answers to questions about the new Nissan Xterra ad. Same ad (Kayaks, running other XSports type stuff)

The lyric I can make out to this rockin' tune is "Stay as you are"

One post give the answer as: The group Span, song "Stay as you are"

Other post answers as: The group Bellrays, song "Revolution Get Down"

Am I confused?
There are currently THREE different ads airing for the Nissan Xterra 2005.

One uses 'Revolution Get Down' by THE BELLRAYS. Another, 'Stay As You Are' by SPAN. And the third features 'High As The Ceiling' by STEREOPHONICS.

View the commercials here.