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Does anyone know the name of the new song in the Nissan Titan commercial? It's not the one with Morphine's Beuna. Can anyone help please?????
Yes I think so...anybody have an clue on what song it is?
Originally posted by The Lost Boy@Jan 13 2004, 12:07 AM
How is this cat member #2000, if the site has 1544 registered users?
Deleted members, members who registered but didn't validate, etc.
It did say that and I have looked online for any info and found little. Stuff I did find did'nt lead me to my questions answer. Anyone else??? This is driving me nuts. Thank you for the help Lost boy. I guess I am one step closer. :rolleyes:
If you're sure it's not Buena by Morphine then check out Hoops by the Chemical Brothers. Might be the one B)
They deleted themselves? Would you ever delete any of the "2X posters" (MsBHaven) that never come back? Something like....if you haven't posted in the last 9 months then you're kaput? Except users like givemfitz come back though. So that wouldn't be cool. I guess this is just a stupid post. But there's another reason why I'm going to post it anyway...hahaha.

"So I says, 'blue m&m, red m&m...they all wind up the same color in the end'."
LOL. OK Lost Boy, that's kinda funny. Anyway......I joined but never really made more than a couple of posts. Mostly because every time I wanted some info it turned out to be a hot topic. Well I got to thinkin yesterday how so many helpful people have provided so much excellent info and that I've only taken from here without giving.

Soooooo.........IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack LOL to offer my humble service with my limited abilities. :ph34r:
LMAO- nuttin like the thrill of catchin a cat burglar comin in the window!!!
ok i'm having trouble using the IM or whetever it is. I did say limited abilities LOL
this whole site really. I'm not finding help helpful. For instance I keep jumping in n out of the site just to see a new post
Are you using the navigation drop down menu, the one below the ADD REPLY button?