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Just wondering if anyone knows what the music is in the latest Nissan Titan commercial. It's just drum and bass and I'm NOT talking about the older ad which was Buena by Morphine. Anyone?
If I remember correctly, there's an overhead shot of the truck hauling some kind of trailer followed by more footage of the truck on the road. It's a pretty standard "look how this truck performs" kind of commercial. I'll try and get it on tape so I can post it online somewhere.
I've been wanting that song too. I think it starts out with a rear shot of a Nissan Titan driving down a muddy road and then goes to a shot of the engine and then the front of the truck. Looks like there is SCUBA gear in the bed. Its not the one with the Nissan racing a Dodge Ram up a hill with a trailer is it?
Yep, tis one is my list too. It's not scuba gear in the back, it's welding torch bottles.

Yeah, the song is pretty much nothing but a rounchy guitar and heavy drum line. It's awsome!
The commercial I'm talking about is not the one w/ the welding torches. It is strictly drums and bass in the ad, no raunchy guitar. I think there is more than one version of the commercial however.
The ad Shows a Titan towing various things, boat, caravan, quad bikes etc. ... the music is studio :
Jason Johnson at Stimmung
Hmm.. well there's the one that DOES have raunchy guitar.. the camera goes over the back, ya see the bottles/tanks in the bed, through the cab, the one TRX and mmcclusk were talking about.. Has anyone found that one yet?
No that one's the Nissan Year End Event one..
And yea, it's a great song to hear, til you sit and listen to the words.. then it sucks mightily.
I know that.. I'm just making your excuses to those not familiar with your biting wit. :p PLBBBTT
I got your answer, but you wont be happy.
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Now, I e mailed him and said if you know what those songs were made by him, I didn't ask if he could send them to me yet.
Click the "Best In Class".. I think thats what you guys are looking for?

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