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I've checked the other threads and I'm sure none of them are pertaining to the ad I'm looking for.
The music I'm looking for is in the new ad where the car starts off in a Garage parking lot and ends up taking off throughout sound. It's a rock technoish song and there is some ahhhhhh in it :p

Just to add a pinch more description (cuz I'd like to know this song too) ...

Yes, it is a hard-rockish song with what I believe are Indian/Middle Eastern-sounding flourishes here and there, with, yes, somebody chanting "aaahhh" ...

So, anybody out there know this song?
The beats and samples sound Chemical Brothers-ish but my suspicion is that it's a studio knockoff.
:lol: Yea I saw it again last night. .and I Was like man I think I described it wrong

:( I want it sooo bad
there's no doubt that it is a REALLY close rip-off of The Prodigy song Spitfire.....I'd just get the real song if I were you! :D
:) Hi anthony, you should find the solution to this challenging question

I think the song you're looking for is Club Foot by Kasabian. It took me a while to find it as well.
That is an awesome song, and it kinda sounds like it, but the ahhhhh part is more of an indian like voice. I like the song though :)
Sad news to report folks ... :(

So, I wrote to Nissan asking about the music ...

Gulp ...

Here's their reply ...


"Thank you for taking the time to personally contact us about your interest in Nissan products.

Unfortunately, the music used in this commercial is untitled, as it was original music created by Asche & Spencer, a music production company in Venice, CA."

So, this is answered, but I'm sure as heck not happy ... not one bit! ... <_<
Originally posted by DJEiffelT@Sep 12 2005, 04:43 PM
So, this is answered, but I'm sure as heck not happy ... not one bit! ... <_<
Me neither! Those dirty, rotten, sons of... :angry: :p