Nintendo DS "Gravy" ad french vocals


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I just saw a new Nintendo DS commercial with some very cool music.

Looking it up on the 'net, I found that it's viewable online here. It's called "Gravy."

The vocals are in French, aren't they? Any help on identifying this song is very much appreciated!
i just saw it too. looooved the music. and it IS in french.

i don't know but i think a line from the last part of the song goes, " moi, je suis la bete."

i'll keep on searching.

it's LA BELLE ET LA BêTE by Big Soul.

je suis tres content. je peux dormir finalement. bonne nuit!
i just saw this one... it's for nintendo i think.... well, its something electronic....

but the music is in french and sort of rockish with male vocals...

the commercial is of people writing words in their food at some restaurant...
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just wondering if anyone knew the name of the song on the new nintendo gameboy advanced thing commercial.. its in french and if i had to describe it, its somewhat indy rock.. thanks to anyone that can help me out..
or it might be LA BELLE ET LA BêTE by Big Soul. That was the answer given when somebody else asked about a nintendo ad...
so, i was at the movies today and i saw the commercial for the nintendo gameboy DS...the song that plays in the background is beyond cool. it's in french and the guy says "elle est tres belle, tres tres belle, mais je suis la suis la bete..." i think that's the's really cool...i saw it on comedy central and mtv too...and it's driving me crazy, it doesn't tell you who the song is by ANYWHERE! and it's truly insane...

i'd be forever grateful if someone could get back to me with this...
cool song I heard at the movies when I saw Blade:Trinity.....but I am getting sick of long promos before movies though