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There's a new Nike ad that startes with a voice over of a radio deejay saying that he's giving two seconds to soccer but it doesn't deserve it. He goes on to talk about how soccer isn't played by real men. It then shows soccer being played by different people in different places; dirt field, outside a fire station, basketball court. There's a song playing by a girl band and she's saying something like "Go Tell the World". It's rock and reminds me of a cross between the Breeders and the Go Go's. Anyway, if anyone knows the artist and title it would be great.

the song that plays in the background where freddie adu is dribbling down the field and scores the goal. the words to the song are "so tell the world" or a slight variant of that. please help!
I just searched for it, since it was bugging me too. It's Joy Zipper "Go Tell the World".
thanks guys! haha, let's hope team usa is as good as their commercial portrays in 2006...
whats that one song in that new commercial when the radio guys talking about how no one likes soccer, and they are showing all thes ppl play soccer, and this cool song is going on. ANY ONE KNOW?
Its the ad the starts off with a guy on the radio saying "We are now going to deicate the next 30 seconds to soccer, which is 30 seconds longer than we need too"

The song they use is very Rockabilly in sound, has a female lead singer with a voice that is both sexy and trashy at the same time. The song rocks.

Anybody know who it is?