Nike Pro for Atheletes "Warriors"


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Can anyone please tell me the soundtrack info for this great ad?
Is this the new Nike Ad where they have all these athletes and they all end up having some sort of mask on cause if it is then I'm looking for the same song also.
Originally posted by OforObscura@Jan 24 2005, 04:24 PM
the song is "Migration" from Cop Shoot Cop's album Ask Questions Later...
Yep, that's the commercial. I was looking for this too!

Thanks OforObscura.
P.S. I set up a link to the song through your quote.
The song is called "migration" by cop shoot cop. it was on their 1993 release "ask questions later." they broke up in 1995. that album is now out of print but i have found some copies on e-bay. They are my favorite band ever and if you listen to them, you will realize that there is some not so subtle irony in that song being on a nike ad. anyway heres a brief discography.

1989- headkick facsimile
1991- consumer revolt- big cat records
1992- white noise- big cat records
1993-ask questions later-interscope
1994- release-interscope
after they broke up the singer, Tod A, formed firewater, and the rest of the band became Red Expendables. Firewater absolutely rocks. Red X does too, but they only did one album that consisted of songs that would have been c$c's next album.
I hope thats enough info for you. I highly recomend any of those cds that you can find. That particular song is instrumental. they put a couple on each album.
WOW! A couple of years ago, one of my friends told me that I would like Cop Shoot Cop. But I never heard of them until now.

The first time I saw the Nike ad, I thought it had a slight industrial edge to it, but I didn't think it would be from an actual band. Fantastic music! Kinda Einsturzende Neubauten-meets-Foetus.
As mentioned previously in the thread by OforObscura:

The song "Migration" by Cop Shoot Cop is found on the album "Ask Questions Later. Link goes to available audio sample, track 4. The album is available from
well i was a little messed up at the time..... but, it started out with these athletes putting on these new clothes that nike has and its playing the music, and they're throwing footballs and swinging bats and stuff, pretty normal. Then the weird part. They all of a sudden have these weird masks on and are doing the same thing. It was kind of freaky. Cool music though. definately one of the better nike commercials I've seen.
anybody know the music from the new Nike commercial? I think the commercial is called "Nike Warrior" or something to that effect. The music is instrumental and the commercial features like 4-5 different athletes (Brian Urlaucher being one) from a variety of sports. The commercial shows them swinging bats, throwing footballs, running, etc. It shows clips of animals, and then shows the athletes in masks - some representing animals, one of the masks is made of metal wire. I've seen it a lot on ESPN.

Okay the commercial has athletes kinda like in a squarish type room. It has some good pulse pounding music. Some of the athletes catch a football, others bat a ball, and then the commercial starts showing frames of animals and then the athletes have masks, or helmets that sort of resemble the animal they just showed. For example one guy has a mask with like a scorpion tip on it. Then it shows like an antelope, and this guy has a weird grey mask with horns. Also one guy had a barb-wire cube mask.
found it...."Migration" from Cop Shoot Cop's album Ask Questions Later
Yeah, that spot is different alright. It was directed by Tarsem, who was the director of the movie "The Cell" with Jennifer Lopez. See the similarities? He actually started as a commercial director and was very well known. I don't believe he's done another feature film since. Back to commercials, and this one certainly has his trademark look.
this commercial has ben roethlisberger, albert pujols, ladainian tomlison, brian urlacher, and 2 more baseball players in it. the video starts out going smooth and then a mask just appears on their face. i dont know what the song is called but no one is singing in it. can sum1 plz help me. its a nike apparel for warriors commmercial
hi, i ve been looking for the nike for warriors ad (pujols,mariano rivera,lt appear in the ad) music, its instrumental but im pretty sure theres an original song,old song,the original one.
hope u can help me with