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This commercial features Bo Jackson and it shows a timeline of his football career and some great alternative song is playing. I can't remember its sound too well.
Hopefully this topic hasn't been previously mentioned.
I think it's mostly aired on Fox. But it's Nike, so it should be everywhere.
ya I would also like to learn the name of this song, and also the name of the song in the basketball version of the commercial with Charles Barkley and Paul Pierce. The only lyrics from that song that I can remember are "It's going down now". + it's on most every channel.
This is probably pointless to post this now, but in case someone else wants to know about the song used here...E-mail I received from Nike.

>>The music was created in the studio by studio musicians and is not
available at retail.

We appreciate your support of Nike and hope that you continue to think
of Nike as a name that represents quality.