Nick at Nite Hello Again

Description of song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Genre?
Yes I am also looking for this adtune, Its got a 70's feel to it, it starts off with like high pitch keys from a piano, features the lyric "hello, hello again" a bunch of times.

anyone know?
Anyone know the name of the song in the commercial showing clips of shows (shows a frame of the cosby show on a green background) with music that sounds like def leppard playing in the background?
Funny you asked this, cause I was just about to post the same question.
Anyone know the name of the song? The commercial shows all of the old TV shows, and the characters dancing. The song is kind of 80's pop. If anyone knows, PLEASE tell me!
Hi. This is a commercial on Nickelodean that they play at night and show a montage of clips from the classic TV shows (Who's the Boss, Fresh Prince, Cosby's, Roseann etc). The characters are dancing around to a song and the only lyrics I can hear are "Hello..hello etc" Thanks!
theres a song with techno sounding piano and its on the nick at nite commercial for the cosby show and at the end it goes helooo helloooo hellloo again
I performed a search for this and nothing came up, so I hope no one else has done this topic yet. But, just in case.....Does anyone know that song from the Nic At Night Commercial, where theres alot of color and mixing of images for Nic At Night. It looks very much like a Vh1 commercal. Its got like 80's techno dance song playing. Ring a bell?