NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs


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Anyone find out what music they are using for the new NHL promotional commercials called "My Stanley Cup"??? I've looked all over the place, but no luck. Great music.

Here's the link to the "destiny" one :
Stanley Cup playoffs

Hey, does anyone know the song in the add for the Stanley Cup playoffs that's a sequence of a bunch of still photos of people with the cup? The song is piano and strings. Sorry if that's not much help, but it just aired for the first time tonight, so I can't find it online anywhere.
Thanks much
Re: Stanley Cup Commercial

I've been looking for this too!

Does anyone know the name of this piece of music? It sounds so familiar!

NHL On Vs. Network - 'History Will Be Made' Music?

Anyone know the music in these commercials?

Stanley Cup 2010 Commercials

Does anyone know the name of the music used in the series of 2010 Stanley Cup commercials? It shows a pivotal moment in a Stanley Cup tournament rewinds and then there's a statement about "What if someone wasn't/didn't do something?" after it rewinds and then goes to the Stanley Cup logo.

So, I love the tune and really want to know what it's called. Can anyone help me out?