NFL Steelers vs Jets


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This might be a tough one since the song doesn't have any words. The song is the techno dance track that was played between the fourth quarter and overtime. It has that kind of beat that people clap or stamp their feet along to. I've heard it during college football games too and I think it's a fairly recent song (within the last year or so). I'm pretty sure it was right after the end of fourth quarter. You see the camera shot of the fans and the song can be heard pretty clearly in the background.
Just guessing here, but I'm going to assume it's "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation (In Track 1 you can hear the familiar part, but Track 4 the live version is the one that's always used at sporting events). If not that, it's probably one of these.
Thanks ad-rock! That's exactly the song I was thinking of. You're amazing :D .
Originally posted by Arg0nyX@Jan 23 2005, 09:37 PM
You're amazing :D .
I am, aren't I! ^_^

J/K Glad I could help out! It was an easy guess...seems like folks have been wondering about that song a lot more these days!
Okay, YOU rock!! I have been dyyying to know what that song was!! They played it last year at Super Bowl every time a touchdown was scored, but not at all this year in Jacksonville....was so wondering about gives me chills when I hear it!!