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does anybody out there know the name of the song and singer of the new zealand tourism ad currently showing on british tv, can't stand it myself, but brownie points off the missus, if i find out.
my sex life is counting on you all :)
Is this the ad you're referring to?

If so, the song is called 'Waiting' by DAVE DOBBYN.

If not, I guess you're sleeping on the sofa!
:unsure: Could someone please help me figure out the song that is featured in the New Zealand travel commercial with the lyrics saying about "You've been waiting too long..."?
Is there an artist doing it, or is it a studio musician?
Also...I really like the version of "California Girls" that is featured on the Cotton commercials with all the mannequins. I heard it was a studio musician...*sniffling*
say it ain't so! :blink:

Well...anyways....any help is GREATLY appreciated! THANX!
umm....*looking around* :( a reply would be nice....I don't bite and I have had all my shots! :lol:
Sometimes you have to wait more than 5 minutes for a reply.

Can you describe the music -- genre/type, male/female vocals...
Michelle and Sophist....Thanx to you both for all your help! It was MUCHO appreciated! THANX AGAIN!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Just heard the commercial on TV as I was writing this post, so I can now tell you what the commercial is for: New Zealand. The commercial says, "You've been waiting, you've been waiting too long . . . and now your world is spinning around" or something like that.

It almost sounds like the band "Travis", but then some back up ladies' vocals comes in the middle of the commercial. Any ideas?