Australia "Sing a Rainbow"


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Australia "Sing a Rainbow"

Hi folks!

This place is GREAT, I frequently find myself wondering the names of songs on commercials, nice to know I'm not the only one driving myself crazy with this.

There is a TV ad for Australian tourism (this is a US ad) where the song lyric is "I can sing a rainbow". There is a song with that name, but I can't place the vocalist.

I love this song and was hoping someone might know who the artist is and confirm the name.
Hi Thresher,

The Austrailian tourism ad features Delta Goodrem, singing "I Can SIng a Rainbow." Her official site URL is: Delta Goodrem Official Site

She's a singer and actress who, in mid 2003, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. In December, she had her final treatment for the disease and is now on her way to a full recovery.

Take care! :D
You're right - the song's name is 'I Can Sing a Rainbow'.

The version in the commercial is sung by DELTA GOODREM.

Late again!!!

Anyone know if this has been released as a single? I've been looking for it and coming up empty.

I love her voice, it sort of reminds me of Sarah MacLachlan.