New York: A Documentary Film


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I'm looking for a specific, simple, string/piano piece from "New York: A Documentary Film." The piece of music is found in the chapter of the film, entitled "Center of the World" which was added after 9/11, and focuses on the World Trade Center. The piece is very simple and modern, with a very productive sound to it. It's completely instrumental, and I just recently heard the piece in a TV spot for "In Her Shoes". As I said, it's simple and also repetitive. I would really like to know what the song is called, so any ideas or tips would be great!

Thank you.
New York The Center of the World

This music was used in the Ric Burns documentary "New York - The Center of the World" and also in an IBM commercial back in the 80's or 90's. Here is a YouTube clip containing the piece:

Thank you to anyone who can help identify this.