New Walmart Ad?


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I just saw it today and loved the song, but what is it? The commerical had an illustrated style to it with kids on skate boards. I didn't even know it was a walmart ad until the end. Can someone help?

I too am desperate to know what this music is.

I've seen it a few times, here in Canada; I can't remember on what channels. As the original poster mentioned, the advert is very stylised-- switching between live-action shots and highly dramatic black and white animation, finally ending in a big stadium concert area. Like the original poster, it's surprising to discover that it's a Wal-Mart ad at the end.

As for the song itself-- it's a riff-driven rock piece, starting with a catchy bassline that, by the end of the ad, has built up with more guitars and stuff. The (small) section of the song that's used in the commercial has no vocals. It's a really cool bit of music and I'd love to know what it is. Can anyone help?
i'm having trouble understanding what the guy says torward the begining. if you could figure it out then you could do a lyric search. sounds like "let's something or other." that's all i can make out. good luck with it.
Great work on finding the commercial online-- I had a quick look myself but couldn't get anywhere.

Damn I want the rest of this track. :(
I can't believe nobody knows who plays this song.