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Does anyone know the song for the newest telus commercial that has a koala bear walking across the top of the screen? I am pretty sure it is a new commercial. I'm sorry I can't remember what they were advertising..but it is the most recent one with the koala bear walking across top of screen...thats as helpful as i can be
Do you rremember some of the lyrics?
Could be Mocean Worker - Hey Baby but i am not sure
No its not that one..i know that song i think this one is the more recent one...
there weren't really any lyrics..just sorda a female voice singing like wah wah type lyrics....which is why its been incredibly hard to find this song...all i can say is the koala bear walks across the top of the screen lol ..and i know thats not very helpful
thats ok thanks for helping though...i searched other forums too there were some other people asking about the song but it seems nobody knows what the song is...I'd have to see the commercial again to maybe get more detail...
but i'll keep searching anyway