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Hello Once Again.

The new Smirnoff ad is the one with a guy in his apartment and he is on the computer. Then, he goes to his window and there is a giant parade of people in the street calling to him to come down. Like boxers, geishas, flight attendants and such. Then at the end it says something like "Life is calling you, where are you?" or something along those lines. Does anyone know the song that is playing???
Originally posted by The Adman@Jan 29 2004, 10:36 PM
:unsure: they get mad when you bump threads
We don't mind if you "bump" threads, given you bump it with useful/additional information included in the post. Just a "help" or "anyone" type remark helps no one identify the music and/or ad. You can read the Forum Rules regarding the issue, if you wish.

So, with that said...

Omni: Could you describe the music heard in the ad? Do you recall any lyrics, if so male/female voice singing? Tempo/beat, style/genre of music, etc... Any clues are helpful.