New here and trying to find a song . . .


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Hi, new here . . .

Just wanted to say thanks for pointing me in the right direction as to the Geico commercial tune, the one with the dogs riding in the car: Lonsome Magic Vice Harvest by Alexandre Geindre. I bought the CD and enjoy having the song very much! The rest of the album was lacking . . . but hey. ;^)

Anywho, I have another music dilemma. There's a song I heard on a local college radio a few years ago and I want to know what it is! There were no lyrics . . . so to speak, just what sounded to be chanting by two women's voices. Sounded something like this: "Da-da-da-dee . . . aye-yay-yay-yay-aaay . . . Da-da-da-dee-doh . . . aye-yay-yay-yay-aaay . . ." I have an embarrassing sound clip of me singing the chant as I thought I heard them if anyone's interested. *blushes.* Other than the chanting, there were some drums with a dance beat and a drone sound.

It sounds very . . . well, not quite new agey but more dance/trancey. In the line of musicians like Vas, Deep Forest, Adiemus, Delirium. I've done searches on all these artists/groups and have not yet found it among them, but I know it's sort of like that style of music. And no, it's not Enya. :^P I'm a hardcore Enya fan and I know it's not her.

So if anyone has a clue as to what it is . . . *LOL!* Probably not, but please let me know. Otherwise, if anyone can point me in the right direction where I might find it (another forum about music, etc.) that'd be most helpful as well.

Thanks a bunch! :^D
"Papua New Guinea" by Future Sound of London
"The Child Inside" by Qkumba Zoo
"Halcyon and On and On" by Orbital. I love that song! The live version is fab too.
I know it's not Qkumba Zoo . . . actually love that song, though. I'm gonna try the other two. Will get back to ya. :^)

Well, it's not the Future Sound of London one, either . . . but very close! *checks next one . . . *


THAT'S IT!!!!!

It's the Orbital song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, djflowerz!!!!!!

*gives you a big hug.*

I had the Orbital song, but never listened to it before. (thanks networked college dorms!) It sounds familiar. Was this in the movie Hackers?
Heh heh. djflowerz kicks major ass on some fairly obscure stuff. ;)
yeah it was in hackers.





i could listen to it over and over again.
it's the song from the volkeswagon commercial

and it has a few lyrics....

I don't love you
you dont' love me

da da dadee and so on

when we bought our vw jetta 2 months ago.. the previous owner left cd's in it, when we turned it on.... out came that song... we were cracking up!!