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Howdy Folks,
It's been a while since I've been here, but I've found another tune that I can't identify and need assistance with!

The commercial is for the new Ford pickup trucks...possibly the F-150's(?). The Ford pickup pulls into a parking lot and there's another pickup truck with a cute dog in the back of it. The dog looks at the Ford and hops into the back of it.

Now the tune that is playing is an acoustic guitar blues tune and the singer sounds a bit like Johnny Lee Hooker, but I could be very wrong. The lyrics go something like;

"You done done me wrong...ya done done me wrong
So I'm movin on...I done stayed to long..." etc..

If anyone knows the artist and the name of this tune, I would be -very- grateful! I've looked around on these forums as well as having done a good web search, but I haven't been able to come up with anything on Ford Truck commercials (beyond that freakin Alan Jackson ripoff of "Mercury Blues"). Being a guitar player myself with something of a focus on the blues, this sounds like I tune that I would very much like to learn how to play! Thankyou in advance for any assistance!

Bright Blessings & Gentle Breezes,
Hey givemfitz,
Nope...wrong commercial. I already know "The Weight" fact used to play that tune in a band I was in a few years ago :). Great tune, but not the one I was looking for.

No this is definaly a blues tune...acoutic guitar and vocals only and the guitar is doing kind of a shuffle.
Yeah I couldn't imagine your not knowing that song if you play but it's the only one Ive heard in the commercial where the dog jumps from the Chevy to the Ford.

Sorry. :(

It suddenly occurs to me that there may be more than one ad. I wonder if there's one with a dog jumping from a dodge to a ford that has different music. Hmm. :unsure:
Hi. If it is the one with the blue Ford Ranger truck, splashing around in mud, it also caught my attention. It sounded like Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I was going to ask about that commercial myself. Didn't catch any words, just the guitar; very much his style.