New car commercial-Lexus? Infinity?


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Hi--Saw a new car commercial this week featuring a stark background--kinda like a deserted, straight landscape background (white) with black cars all lined up in a row. Then, the cars start moving to music, creating a visual effect similar to the bars seen on the Cingular commercials. Ideas? TIA ALison :D
It's a Mitsubishi commercial for the Eclipse Spyder.

As for the song, I have no idea.
And BTW, I just found this out.

The :30 television commercial, titled “Song,” was shot in Southern California on an old airport runway showing a line of Spyders, with some pulling forward, and then pulling back – visually representing sliders on a mixing board that together look like one large equalizer. The commercial emphasizes the Spyder’s perfect balance between sound and speed, highlighting the 650-watt Rockford Fosgate premium audio system that automatically adjusts volume levels to the speed of the car, as well as equalization if the top is up or down. The scene is set to a composition influenced by modern Japanese music.

"set to a composition influenced by modern Japanese music."

Meaning it was made just for the ad?

If so, darn. <_<

Wonder what Japanese music though.