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It's a New Balance commercial with the music being all piano. In it, there's runners finishing a marathon while a narrator saids "No cameras, no medias (something to that effect)". And then at the end, the words "For love or money" flashes on the screen. Anyone know this?
This is also reminds me of the music by J. Ralph from the Honda Civic Hybrid commericial. The sound is really similar.
i'm wondering also... if its the same commercial i just saw.... its an electronic beat and then it changes pace a little bit and almost sounds like an instrumental of the killers (almost)

please tell me someone knows it ?!?!


I emailed New Balance, hopefully they will email back !
Hey guys...the song you're talking about is called by Mobius Band, called "Starts Off With A Bang" :)
Err sorry...but I'm not able to edit my above post, it seems...Mobius Band likely did the song MB the Body's talking about, but rereading the first post I realize the song isn't "all piano" as you described blah blah. But the commercial you described sounded exactly like the commercial I'm thinking of. In fact on the NB website the commercials "Sunrises and Stairs" and "Track" both use the Mobius Band.

Hope that helps clear things up...
no, i think the first post misheard the song, its electronic, i didnt hear any pianos.

or maybe they replaced the song? lol

i'll check out mobius band try to confirm
damn and i was all proud to check back and say i got an email from new balance telling me the name of the song finally :)

guess i should've just checked for updates on here !

well for confirmation sake anyway

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your interest in New Balance!

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are happy to hear that
you are pleased with our products and services. The name of the
song featured in the commercials is "Starts with a bang" by Mobius.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the future.


The NB Consumer Response Team