New Axe Body Spray Commercial


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Hey Gang -
There's a new ad where two guys come down opposite ends of a street sparaying Axe up to their friends' door, they knock on it, he answers, they spray him down, and he gets mobbed by women. The words to the song in the background go "Happy Birthday to me" . I goggled and downloaded The Vandals song of the same name, but that's not it. Is there a different version of this, or do I just have the wrong song? Any help's appreciated. Thanks.
I don't believe I've seen this commercial yet...but two songs called "Happy Birthday to me" are by:

(1) Bright Eyes, and
(2) Cracker
Thanks for the try RandyGirl, but it's neither one of those, definately a lot more punk-rockish (is that even a word?) then those two. I have a feeling someone just borrowed from The Vandals. I'll just keep checking up on it.