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I've seen this commercial a few times, but I can't seem to remember what company is sponsoring it. I'm pretty sure it's a chocolate candy bar, and you get codes for free music (maybe from iTunes?). I thought it was Hershey's, but I can't find anything about it on their website. Anyways, the commercial features people at home with musicians actually performing in front of them, personally. The song/group I'm most interested in the first one, with the girl on the bed and what looks like a rapper saying something like "Run, Run". I have my pet theory about who it is, but I can't find anything on that website either.

Anyhelp 1would be appreciated, even just the name of the company sponsoring it.

I remember that too. I believe it was for Nestle Crunch but not positive on that. Hope it helps. :)
Yep, you were right, and so was I. It's Nestle Crunch's Napster promotion, and the artist is Pigeon John. Buried on his website: " Pigeon John is in a new Nestle Crunch commercial. The commercial is for a new Napster promotion for free music downloads. So if you see a Nestle Crunch commercial that starts out with a guy in an office cubicle, do not change the channel! Pigeon John sings “Deception” while J Boogie spins, in the PJ portion of the commercial. Click below to check out the Nestle site, that is playing “Deception”. So when people ask who is that guy rapping in that ‘Crunch’ commercial, you let them know its PIGEON JOHN! "

Here's a link to the site, where you can hear the song: