Need to know the song on this video

Thanks, I thought it might be them or Wishmaster. Nice touch with the goth kid there. :ph34r:
thanks. thanks for the video link too! :p all my pens and pencils are on the floor now!
All of mine are filed nicely across my desk.


:p :p :p
oh yeah? :angry: i'm gonna be a millionaire pen twirler! i'll be twirling twirling twirling towards freedom! :p

man i really need some sleep :wacko:
A Simpsons quote with a Southpark avi. I'm gonna go watch Family Guy. :p
Okay, well here is my story:

I'm up all night talking to my Aunt, basically until 3:30 am/est.

We both decided to go to bed, and as I lay there, I realize that I am full of Iced Tea. Thus, caffiene shooting through my ears.

So, I just tried to fall asleep, until eventually I entered the "zone." I know we all know the feeling of barely hanging on to consiousness (sp?). Well, I'm about to fall asleep, and Luke starts to bark, so I am totally alert at like 6am.

I stayed awake for another two hours, then cloncked out at 8am, and awoke a meer four hours ago.
Andy. My friend. Get some sleep and rethink that avi of yours. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Now you've got me totally lost.

Moving on!


Hey - Terrapin Station is so fricken' awesome. A bit over produced, but still awesome.
Yes it is. Aaaaaaaand it was the coolest avi ever. Put it back before I go blind. :p
Ahhhhhhhh. MUCH BETTER!!! ;) :D Not sure how long I could've looked at the care bears from a 15 year old high school guy. :lol:

Getcherself a scooter, some leathers, and a woman. Who cares if you can't take her home to meet mom. You weren't lookin to get married this week anyway were ya? :p
Actually, I've decided to remain single through out High School, which allows me to have the power to BELIEVE that all the ladies want me. ;)
That's like the guy who turns himself in believing that the cops can't catch him. :lol: But hey, it's your plan. In that case though........put the care bears back. If that don't keep ya single throughout H.S. nuttin will. :lol: ;)