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Hi, does anyone know the three songs used in the three biographical vids of McCain, Obama, and Clinton?

They're all kinda cool.

P.S. This website is clearly a pro-Obama website. Note how it takes craven cheapshots at McCain mentioning "McNasty" and his almost dead last class ranking. For Hillary, they briefly show her as some kind of poor white trash (at 0min56sec) even as they were saying she was making more money than Bill until Bill became Prez. FUCK DAT! :angry: Voted one of the top 100 lawyers in the country--she could have EASILY made much more if she had wanted to, like John Edwards did. B)

For Obama, his vid is all glowing pics and lavishly adoring discriptions, never to bother mentioning his own admission to things like using cocain for instance. Of course, they also failed to mention things like Obama as a "civil rights attourney" never argued a single case. Needless to say, Bwaak Obaba is no Thurgood Marshall. :rolleyes:
This is just a thought, but I think it might be wise not to post political opinions on this board.

Because this isn't really the place for it.

Thank you. B)
^ Aw crap. :huh:

Lol, in the middle of my most righteous rants, I forgot to link it. B)

I can't find it now. :D

I believe I found it via a YouTube ad. It said something like "find out what Barack Obama's dream job is if he wasn't running for president". I clicked and up came a link with three vids, one for each candidate. All were kinda cool, both the respective vids and the accompanying songs in how they were done, i.e. a lot of Michael Moore and South Park style cartoonish stuff.

The song used for the Obama vid was best.

Anyway, I'll post the link if I ever come across it again. And yes, I did try googling "Obama dream job architech".

P.S. I noticed you're a relatively new member... Just to let you know, the admins deleted a lot old threads from many of the other subforums. A shitload of them. Good ones too including music threads. In fact I came back to AdTunes to look for them, only to find they were deleted. :angry:

There were some good song ideas I forgot to jot down. (I'm active here only from time to time.)

The admins also deleted political stuff, where people were ranting. I distinctly remember some pretty petty & hostile stuff said between forum members. However, I never directly engage in such blatant hostility towards others. I'm too much of a cool cucumber for that. B)

... That is, even though I've been directly attacked by two thick-faced (threw the first insult) thin-skinned (can't take a return insult), and not to mention thick-skulled (clueless, since when is being compare to John Edwards an insult?) members recently. :rolleyes:

I mean think about it: If someone compared me to Ryan Seacrest, I'd kill 'em! :angry: But Jon Edwards?!? :huh:

I'm sorry if my comment made a bad impression. I didn't mean anything personal by it.

I'm generally a "neutral" kind of person when it comes to subjects outside of politics, and I usually try to keep it that way.

I'm that annoying moderator that everyone hates :p

I blame it on my generation. I've been caught in the midst of political arguments when the people on either side don't really know what they're arguing about. They take their political beliefs from their parents/peers and don't learn to think for themselves. I guess it's just natural of me to stop it, because you should debate something you're honestly passionate about, not because it's what mommy and daddy think. <_<

Politics, for me, is such a touchy subject that I usually try to exclude it all together (unless it's directly focused ON politics. Obviously :rolleyes: ).

Sorry about that :)

P.S. Not that this matters in any way, but this is a new account. I've been on here longer than '07. I got tired of my previous username, so I made a switch. :lol:
^ LOL. No need to apologize. I did not perceive any slights nor did I imply one.

Besides, I'm very thick-Skinned. I can take an insult. B)
Originally posted by PiratesLife_ForMe@Jun 17 2008, 05:25 PM
P.S. Not that this matters in any way, but this is a new account. I've been on here longer than '07. I got tired of my previous username, so I made a switch. :lol:

I always thought multiple accounts was strictly verbodden. :ermm:

I'm actually sick of mine too. My username/pass combo is simply a pain to type up. Maybe I'll change it to ShamWoW! I simply love that guy Vince! :wub:

"You followin' me there, camera guy!"

LOL. Just love how he has to establish and reinforce his alpha male status! Ha Ha.

P.S. Yes, yes, I know he's just reading from a script. :rolleyes:

Eh, oh well.
They haven't caught me yet!

And it's not like I've created hundreds to spam with or anything.