Need For Speed Underground 2

Dunno, but I'm dyin to know what the song is from the official E3 trailer found at the following link (official NFSu2 site)

NFSU2 Trailer
Hi there!

The NFS Underground 2 trailer song is this:

Spiderbait - Black Betty, but theres a few versions of that, so you have to find the right one with the length of 3:27.

omg thank you so much (sorry I cant help the first guy)

EDIT: omg... cheeeapp.... they just showed the video on Much Loud... and not even 24 hours after I got the answer...
Ok I have just about d/l'd all of the tracks of spiderbait black betty and none of them sound like the E3 Trailers. Weird. maybe they did a special mix for it. Yea. probably. what do you guys think. BTW I registered just for this lol. tho im gonna check this place out. heh
it is by Fluke its called " switch twitch"
and you can find this song on Puppy album
After all this time offline i managed to get back and see this post...most grateful for your help...I see it is also on the NFSU2 album also :D