NBC Olympics coverage ad music?


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Hey, did anybody see the ad for NBC's Olympics coverage near the end of the opening ceremonies last night? It talked about all the stuff that would be on NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, Telemundo, etc. etc. etc.; the music sounded REALLY familiar...it sounded like it was from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I have an odd feeling it's just some production music that sounds LIKE Pirates of the Caribbean.

Can anybody who knows what I'm talking about help me?
:D Hey there! I thought the same thing! (Gotta buy that Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack.)

But I'm thinking you're right, they may have created music that just sounds like PoC because all the tracks I can find to play are a little deeper and faster, if that makes sense.

It definitely added to my enjoyment of the show! :D
Well, either way, I have heard this exact music before. Maybe it was in the Starz promos for Pirates of the Caribbean or something...I SWEAR I have heard the EXACT music before...