National Security


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Does anyone know who sings that song in the movie 'National Security' that goes something like "you make me wanna go loco". . .barrio.. me negro... something something pendejo.... vulture..real latino culture" etc etc? I would like the name of the group and the song name please. The other song in the movie is Ludacris' crew, Disturbing Tha Peace - N.E.S.W., so that is not it. It's not listed in the credits at all and I really want to locate this song. Thanx.
Oh dude u wouldn't believe how long it took for me to try to loook for that song. Still havent found it. Man i swear iv listened to every song in the credits and nothing...

I used to google it for hours and nothing.

Its that song that happens when he locks his keys in the car and then the officer pulls him over. It kinda goes somehting like

"You makin go loco, .... going at it like a negro" Then its like:
"Like salsa!.... Everyone I see get closa... (spaanish) like chocha.."
Man the lyrics r so hard to pin down. I rented the DVD so amny times trying to figure it out. No luck. the song it pretty damn 1337.

If anyone has any info if u seen the movie please post.

BTW this is not in the Trailer for NS. Its in the movie.