NASCAR Dodge Save Mart 350 on FOX


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During the closing montage of yesterday's NASCAR race on FOX there were two songs played.

The first song was kinda countrified, with "Gentlemen, start your engines!" as part of the song. Might be a country song.

The second song was a gentle, slow song, sung by a woman, and she was saying "goodbye". Obviously a nod to it being FOX's last NASCAR broadcast of the season.

I know my descriptions are really vague, and I apologize for that. If you saw the race yesterday, did you happen to recognize the songs?

Thanks for your help!
Just wanted to comment though I'm not sure how much help I'll be. I only caught the very end of what I think you're talking about. Where Mark Martin was leaving through a door and looks over his shoulder at the camera on his way out?
If that's the part you mean then I missed the country song earlier on but the woman singing was definitely doing a song I've heard Andrea Bocelli do.. Just not sure which one. :unsure:

88 DJ Rocks by the way. Class act all the way that man. #20 fan ;) Yesterday was a GOOD day. :D :p
you're right about that song..can't remember the title either! maybe from the Romanza album (not his version, of course).
it wasn't such a great day for nascar's sexiest driver, though!
If you mean Gordon we hate that midget around here. :annoyed: ;) :lol: :lol:
Ohhhhhhh. :lol: Yeahhhhh I got nuttin 'gainst him. ;) He needs a bigger right side rearview though. :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)
The goodbye song is "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli. I guess it's the version by Sarah Brightman.

track 1
Thank you for trying, but I don't believe the song you listed is correct. The song in the montage was sung in English. The Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman song is in Italian.

But yes, I seem to recall seeing Mark Martin close the door to a trailer during the song.

Oh well... Back to the drawing board.
It's the song. If you say it was in English then maybe it was. I was only half paying attention. I have that CD "Romanza" in storage <_< I know that there are women on it and that the first and last track are almost the same song and that they are the song in question. I want to say that the part Sarah Brightman sings has both Italian and English but I'm just not certain. :(
Yeah, we gave you the right song. The Sarah Brightman version, she sings the "Time to Say Goodbye" part in English. The clip on Amazon doesn't reach that far. But if you want to continue to search for a song that doesn't exist, please do.