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The station "The-N" is now showing re-runs of the show My So-Called Life, and during the commercial for the episode "Other Peoples Mothers", the one in which Rayanne overdoses, there was a really great song playing in the background, and I have no idea who it's by. Please help!!!
Can you describe the music? Genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals?
I'm looking for this song, too, but seriously can't remember a thing. It's likely that it wasn't used in the show, just applied to the commercial by Noggin. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the episode is called "Other People's Daughters."
I can't get it to play well enough in either format to even hear the music. Sorry. :(
Well a long while back I posted a topic asking if anyone could identify a song that was played in a commercial for My So-Called Life. The-N played the whole season of the short-lived show last year, and there was a commercial for one of the episodes titled On The Wagon. here's the link to where you can find the video clip:

Anyway, the song was absolutely beautiful and I loved it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. The song, however, reminded me of Mellowdrone, one of my favorite bands. So while downloading some of their older stuff today, I listened to their song entitled "What Happened". To my absolute shock and surprise, it was the song I'd been searching for!! The mere fact that I unintentionally found a song I'd been searching for for months was absolutely mind blowing, along with the fact that they had actually done this song and I never knew it. So the song is Mellowdrone - What Happened. If you have time, check out the band, I saw them last night at the No Future Cafe and they were fantastic. Great guys, too. Oh and if you'd like the song, my AIM sn is Charbooster and I'll gladly send it to you.