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i heard a version of the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics the other day... the whole thing was acapella im pretty sure. i really liked it... but i have no clue who it's by. i tried searching for it, but i didnt find anything.

p.s. it wasnt in a commercial... lol so this maybe shouldnt be here but im desperate!
it was by a female. and i'm pretty sure it isn't tori amos...

a science teacher at school was playing it in her room and i got a quick look at the cd case.. couldnt see what it said though. i keep trying to remember to go and ask her but its been busy and when im not busy she is.

im trying to think of other songs from the cd i heard.. i think there were men singing in other ones. and Sweet Dreams sounded like a lot of people singing, but who knows it might just be the effect.
Well I almost hate to mention it but Marilyn Manson did an acapella version. I don't think anyone would mistake his VOICE for female but......leave no stone unturned.
Haha no... i'm about 142% sure its not him.

i'm also 142% sure my science teacher would not have a Marilyn Manson cd in her classroom.
:lol: Yeah well I WAS reluctant to bring it up. It's just that more than a few times I've neglected to make a post thinking, "NAAAAHHHHHH couldn't be" only to find out I was wrong when someone else took a shot. :p

The search continues.
ah... that might be it... but im not finding it when i try to download it! its killing me.
yah that probably is it... cant listen to Sweet Dreams from there but i'm listening to the other ones and i really like them! :) oh and by the way you RAWK for finding that.
Heh heh heh. Lotsa people on this site RAWK. That's why I love it here. ;)
I fixed your original link. I think there was a "1" instead of an "I" in the number. :)
Ahhhh cool thanks. I kept looking at that over and over thinking...How Weird :rolleyes:
has this song been covered a bunch of times? I remember flipping through stations on the radio when i heard this song and my mom was like "leave it there!" and there was a woman singing it and it had a disco feeling to it and it sounds very familiar. Who was the original artist anyways?
I'm pretty sure that the Don Gibson/Pattsy Cline ones are actually a country song called "Sweet Dreams"(of you).