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I was watching MuchMusic very late at night the other night and I heard a good rock song, I caught like a split second of the band's name and the title of the song but it went too fast and did not remember it. It's almost like a Coldplay song, with guitars, drums, singer and a female keyboard player. The lead singer was black and the video shows a lot of you know, the band just playing their music n' stuff but also shows other scenes, like you see these images of a young black little boy (pans and zooms on the little boy's face), and at one point of the video he becomes real and stands right in front of the band like dancing a little or something and yeaaaaahhh ..... lol. I THINK the band's name was like The Beast or Beasts, or Beans or something like that lol. <_< THANKS!
FOUND IT ! ! ! :D It was "The Dears" with the song "Lost in the Plot"