Music Download Services (Pay services)


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I like to use a pay for download service instead of KaZaa. I am currently using MusicMatch, but about half the songs I want are unavailable. Are all these services about the same? Or is there one that has a clearly larger catalog?
Is itoons for mac only? (or if you have a mac) you could try that. I hear it has a pretty good database. and only 99 cents a song.
The answer to the former question is No.
ITunes Is now available as of last month for the PC,whats even better is its a free download and program.The store will charge you roughly 99 cents per song.

I found some good user reviews here Epinions , just do a search on the music service you are interested in. It sounds like they all have some drawbacks.
it seems as if the question you are looking to answer is do they have the genres you want. read the reports from the "top consumer" people, they have done their research. nice hook-up mr. flipper