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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... If anyone has seen the newest Fidelity Brokerage Services commercial, it's a late sixties type pop/psychadelic semi-hit song. They don't sing any of the lyrics in the blurb they use, however whenever I hear it I want to sing, like..."MOVE TO THE LEFT,.... " or "SWING TO THE LEFT" but that's all I can put together. I've looked everywhere. Even contacted their ad companies web sight. Nothing... Sort of like a TURTLES OR ZOMBIES type of thing. Please Advise. Thanks.
What's the song used in the Fidelity ad where the guy's next to a little girl, and he's deciding which flavor, using this as a metaphor for making financial decisions. It's an oldie from the 60's that opens with a really cool, extended base line, has a catchy beat, and I believe had words in the original version (which totally escape me) but in the commercial it's only instumental. AAAKK! It's so good! What is it?!
I found my own answer!

The song is "Little Green Bag" by The George Baker Selection.

They are a Dutch band from the 70's, and this song is also on the soundtrack to RESEVOIR DOGS.
Thanks for finding the answer to your own question- that was the one I was looking for also... wher ked you find it?
There is a relatively new Fidelity Investments commercial that plays a guitar section of a one hit wonder form the late 60's or early 70's. Does anyone know the name and artist of this song. I have a very poor analog recording of it that is 30 years old and I can barely make out the lyrics. One of the lines is "cut to theleft,cut to the right", and he seems to be singing about a greenback or something to that effect.

Thanks !