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Hi guys! I need your help. :(

I saw MTV's Into the Blue (that new Jessica Alba movie) "Your Movie Show" hosted by Damien Fahey. They talk about the movie and screen the movie for a bunch of kids from Key Largo. Anyhow, the song is in the beginning of the show. It's the first clip from the movie that Fahey introduces. There's a hip-hop/reggae-ish song that comes up... I tried to jot down the lyrics but it went so fast that this is the best I came up with:

(the intro has some jibberish I can't understand but it sounds cool)

I remember when I tried to catch a cab
Can’t take all the ups and the downs
Mercy mercy
…pain and suffering
Hold on to your destiny

This was all I could hear. It's a guy singing.

Do you think you could help me out?

They will air this 30 minute show again on 09/30/2005 10:00 AM (U.S.) Please help?

~ Mia ~
I didn't see this show (or the repeat of it either).

However, I'm gonna take a wild guess ...

Perhaps something by Damian "Junior Gong" Marley? (His new CD: Welcome to Jamrock.)

Good luck finding your song! B)
Yeah unfortunately their not running the show anymore because the movies already been released and it was just a promo thing. :( I've posted everywhere and no one knows what I'm talking about. Oh well... I have a feeling this one will be a mystery. :(

~ Mia ~
Hey guys,

I'm afraid this is gonna one of those unsolved ones. :( *shrug* I'd like to contact mtv but I don't have their contact info. Does anyone know how to get a hold of anyone there?

~ Mia ~
:eek: :) I just saw Conan O'Brian and they had Jessica Alba on promoting the movie. The second guest was (I think his name is) Jeff Garland - and since Jessica Alba was on, he did a little joke spoof thing about the movie and they had a clip... AND MY SONG WAS IN THE CLIP! This gives me hope - I was thinking it was a song MTV just chose for their promotion show.

So now I'm hoping it will be one of the songs on the soundtrack. Or at least appear later in the imdb soundtrack listing of songs. I guess I'll have to wait though since this movie is still really new.

~ Mia ~