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Im trying to find out who does the all piano song used alot by mtv. it is a slow song and has light drums along with the piano. its a pretty serious song.. they use it when coby is talking about it his meager childhood in the last two minutes of the epsiode. it goes like this: du du du du du du, du du, du du, du du, du duuuuuu... du du du du du, du du, du du, du du, du duuuuuu... hopefully someone knows :) thanks in advance, eric
I, too came here to find the same song! I've had it stuck in my head all day.

I FREAKIN FOUND IT!!!!! Scarface - My Block! I hope thats the right one.

nah thats not it.. thx though. this song has no lyrics at all (well at least during the section of the song mtv uses). still trying to find it. its like not a jumpy hip beat or anything. its just like.. iono how to describe it. ahhhhh its driving me crazy! has anyone heard the song and/or seen one of the episodes im talking about? :unsure: ?
do you mean Kenna - Freetime? Let me know if this is it, cause I heard a 30sec clip of this song the first time on CRIBS Naomi Campbell, w/o lyrics so I couldn't find it anywhere... then i heard it again on rich girls with some lyrics, went on google and after a long searching time found it on one of the lyrics sites; the trick is to include only the parts of the lyrics you're sure about and put them between double quotes e.g. "part of the lyrics" "another part of the lyrics" in the google query, double quotes force google to search only the exact phrase. add 'lyrics' w/o quotes to the query if the query is too common. this technique is very very good.

I then heard the song everywhere on Room Raiders, Real World, Newlyweds...

It is probably a good idea to build a communication partnership eg via email with the mtv sound editors or at least the PR people of MTV, asking them to retrieve the song info based on show name, date and time aired, ..., so they'll recognize the need for them to put EVERY background music clip information they're using, somewhere on the internet. they should just add a music section to the episode guide.of every show on, like they already do with MADE or Real World on

the more people requesting song information from MTV, the quicker they'll establish a more thorough platform.

Living in Austria, Europe unfortunately I only get a small portion of American MTV shows which I love, so I'm counting on you guys!
nope thats not it. thx though. the song im looking for is pure piano with a little bit of a guitar and drums. e
hey there just looking around the site but could not resist joining to let you know what that song is. Its "Trouble" by Coldplay a british band getting massive in the states (i am a brit who has seen them many times) check out their debut album 'parachutes' and the follow up 'rush of blood to the head'

just thought i would let you know that its this song for certain and you will be a lot richer by listening to them.

ahh thats the same song ive been looking for... all add my knoledge to it too, i saw them perfrome it on late night with carson like a year ago the band consist of 4-5 white guys and its a pretty technoish rock type song and i know a section of the lyrics is "my oh my oh"
coldplay -clocks is a fantastic song.

konstantine by something corporate is fabulous too. check them out guys . any of those kinda songs to recommend?