MTV ad, by MTV


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Hey, I am looking for this ad played on MTV. It starts with a camera being picked up, and then shows various aspects of the beach life, being 'photographed' through the lens of the camera. It then has a vocal off of an instructional record saying ' an overall dancer is liked by everyone. And remember, dancing is fun!' It finishes with showing the Much Music logo.

It sounds like it was created on a turntable, mxiing the beat with this boring vocal, but it does not sound like the records were being scratched, just mixed. Anyway, if I could either hear from someone saying they know the song, or even just know what ad I am talking about, that would be great!
I just saw it prior to 'The Wedge' program show. Hope that helps... I might try and take some pictures of the t.v., see if I can post some stills of the ad.
Well I am glad you know what I am talking about, think you could add any detail to my description?
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