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The lyrics were like "little girls - thank heaven" and this woman with short hair and a large coat was standing infront of some gray board and posing and stuff....anyone know what that was?
Trivia Question 4:

Who sings "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" on the New Mountain Dew Commercial?

Answer: "Ruby"

Additional info: Ruby is a band lead by singer Leslie Rankine, who also sings in the bands Silverfish, Pigface, and Grizzelders.

The song was written by Maurice Chevalier for the movie "Gigi". and is also performed by Merle Haggard. It is commonly used in weddings when the Father dances with his daughter, the bride.
OK, now my question. Why would a chick do a version of this song??

Wait, unless..

Never mind. :)
thanks yo...ha that pic of brings back funny memories
I'm looking for this song from a Mountain Dew commercial that aired several years back (5-8 years maybe, not sure). The commercial has all female extreme athletes skydiving, snowboarding, etc. and the song is being sung by a short-haired brunette. I think I remember seeing the girls all doing their thing off of skyscrapers. The lyrics go "Thank goodness for little girls" and then, this is the part I'm not sure about, but it goes "[something, something] they grow bigger everyday." Some help please, it's been bugging the hell out of me.
I know that the original version of that song is on the Gigi soundtrack. It's called "Thank Heaven for Little Girls". That's a place to start anyway.
Perry Como - Thank Heaven for Little Girls

But yeah the original Gigi version is most likely what you're after.