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okay there was this one episode of motormouth on vh1 i think it was the first episode i think, but all the people in the show started singing this one song i think it was an oldie and some of the song was "i chewed it up and spit it out" it was a man's voice, so if anyone knows who sings it i would really appreciate it but i'm guessing the man who sings it is tony bennette or frank sinatra but i don't know.
oh c'mon no one knows the song?
it was a lot of people singing the song along with the radio it's definitly an "oldies" song who is just singing how he cheewwed it up and spit it out and blah blah blah
please if anyone knows please help me this is killing me!!!!!!!!!
I've never heard of the show... But besides that, we all have to practice patience around here -- especially when a topic is just over six hours old.
He actually says "I ATE it up and spit it out." The song is "My Way" by Frank Sinatra.