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Hopefully none of the other threads i went thru actually named the song but i'm sure it wasn't mentioned before. anyways, i'm lookin for the tune from the fairly recent ad. it was rock if i remember correctly. anyways, i'ma go check the other samples with tips from previous threads. any help is welcomed and appreciated.
i dig dig me..we dig each other..that's groovy..oh yeah..
thanks for the song name! wow, there has been quite a few cure tunes on commercials recently. thanks a bunch.
It's "I Dig You" by CULT HERO (an early side project of the Cure, but you won't find it on any Cure albums!)
It shows an old guy and a young guy getting up and getting ready. The young guy is going on an interview and the old guy is the interviewer. The words are "I dig you / Do you dig me? / We dig each other."
Thanks! Never heard of Cult Hero. It sounds very modern for being pre-Cure.

Any idea if it can be found in MP3 or on CD?
Nope sorry. :( But I'll look around and see if I can find it for sale anywhere. You should read the forum rules concerning file sharing and discussion thereof if that's what you were asking about though.
From what I gather, it's a rare song and was in limited release in the UK in 1979 on a single. Most existing copies are bootlegs. You might have some luck researching more at a Cure fansite... since it was a side project of Robert Smith's. Here's where I got that info...