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Ok, the first commercial this superbowl Sunday that caught my ear was the Monster commercial that showed the parallel morning routines of two men who, at the end of the ad, meet for a job interview.

The song was great. I might need help finding out what it is. *grin*


the song is by the cure but was released under the band name the cult heroes in 1979.

the cult heroes released two songs "i'm a cult hero" and "i dig you"

the funny story behind the cult heroes was that it's not robert smith on vocals it was a local postman who always wore a shirt that said "i'm a cult hero" The band decided to record two songs with him and make him a cult hero.

i dont remember the name of the postman...probably on the web somewhere.
Actually, the band is called simply, Cult Hero. I couldn't believe it when I heard "I Dig You" on a commercial! The one 7" they released had "I'm A Cult Hero" on the a-side and "I Dig You" on the b-side. Original pressings of this rarity have sold for hundreds.

"I Dig You" was included on a promotional Fiction Records sampler CD several years back.
Thanks! wow, you two are awesome. It had a sound like The Cure, but I couldn't place the vocals. A postman.. that's why. sweeeeet.
Oh yeah! I jumped out of my seat when I heard that on TV. That was the last song I'd ever expect to hear from the Cure in a commercial.
How soon before "I Want To Be A Tree" is put into one too? (all you Cure fans out there know this rare cut)
Tim Pope f/Robert Smith. Tim is a video director who lensed most of the Cure videos (as well as the video for "...Tree").