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Two guys a house party standing in front of a fridge.
One guy congratulates the other guy on his party, then he starts checking out a girl not realizing that the girl is the other guys girlfriend. He knows this because there are pictures of the guy and his girfriend on the fridge.

THe music is reggae/hip hop?

Anyone know what song is playing in the background?

Please and Thnak-you!
The song does sound familiar, and I want to say it was used in another ad... I looked around here, but didn't find any threads yet. What other popular beer ads are showing up in Canada? There was one of some guy in a club who gets challened to a dance off or something, the song might have been in that ad... :unsure:

I can't find any song matches with lyric searches though.
Originally posted by michelle@Sep 13 2004, 09:38 AM
I can't find any song matches with lyric searches though.
Could you post the lyrics you've heard? Maybe we can help search and make sure we heard the lyrics right. I'm having a hard time picking out the words myself. I'm pretty sure I heard "not affecting me" and maybe "let me in".
It's unreleased track from B-U The Knowledgist but if you sign up here, you can download the .mp3 free
I downloaded the file from here:

Just go to join, then go through the funny little flash application (if it diverts you to a manly sewing page, just click on a link or picture to be returned to the registration section).

Once you log in (the user/pass thing is at the very bottom right). Then go to "press dis and da beats start up", then you can just download the file. It's called coldshot_remix.mp3.

That's all there is too it.

Im looking for this Tune in this Molson beer commercial about 2 guys that are standing by a fridge. The one guy notices a girl looking in his direction and says to the guy next to him (she's got hungry eyes and im the all u can eat buffet without realizing that the other guy is her boyfriend. Anyone plz help, much appreciated. :D
I think the vocals are with a regea slang to it and the beat would be pop/house mix thats all i have on it :(
Hi! Well i tried to download this song from the Molson Coldshots website and from the generosity of other peoples websites and it just isnt happening! Can anyone suggest what to do? why is it so hard to get a great song!?......