Molson Canadian Beer


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could you help me find this song i know ive heard it but i dont know the name its the music used in the new canadian beer commerial its got an orchestra sound and it slowly builds and you see all these different girls and they all say thier names
"Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim. Kick-ass song! This was the Molson Canadian commercial, right? Where you see random things like a guy answering his appartment door and his buddy says "Get your jacket, trust me." Or there's another one where this big black guy says "Remember, you're from [such and such a place] and you're a quarterback!"
A very good ad, I must confess, though I've always suspected I'm missing something in it, as though there's a key piece, idea, or cultural reference that I just don't get...

It was odd though, I would've thought I'd've recognised "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim. Just goes to show, don't know tunes as well as I thought I did.
i dont know if thats the one but i think i know what your talking about its like brand new and all you see are women eith the exception of one black guy who goes "WHOO!" you see all the womens faces and theres a one in a wig one ona plane and theyre like my names ... im ... dave its me ms...